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Argyle Pink Diamonds

  • Natural Pink Diamonds are exceedingly rare, accounting for just 0.03 percent of global diamond production. Over 90 percent of the world’s highest-quality Natural Pink Diamonds come from a single source -- the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, which is owned by Rio Tinto.
  • Polished Argyle Pink Diamonds can include Fancy Deep Pinks, Fancy Intense Pinks, Fancy Vivid Pinks and Fancy Reds. Fancy Red Diamonds are the rarest of all the Argyle Pinks.
  • Each year the very best off these polished Argyle Diamonds are offered at the Argyle Mine Pink Diamond Tender, the world’s most exclusive international diamond auction.
  • Argyle Pink Diamonds typically fetch from 20 to 50 times the price of same-size white diamonds.
  • In November, 2010, a British jeweler paid $46.1 million at Sotheby’s Geneva for a 24.78-carat Argyle Pink Diamond, setting a new world record of $1.86 million per carat.
  • Most experts agree that the Argyle Mine is expected to reach the end of production as early as 2020, which will render Argyle Pink Diamonds even rarer than they are today.

“Rarity is one of the most powerful factors in the gemstone market. It has always played its part, of course, dictating the balance of supply and demand, and therefore price, but in the case of Argyle Pink Diamonds, rarity takes on a new dimension.” – Jewelry Historian Vivienne Becker, Financial Times.

43+ Carats


Features 204 superbly cut Natural Argyle Pink Diamonds, from Fancy Intense Pinks and Fancy Vivid Pinks to Fancy Reds. These ravishingly rare stones originated in the legendary Argyle Mine in Western Australia, which is expected to cease production by 2020. Each and every Argyle Pink Diamond is certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Together they form an unerring statement of refinement and taste…and a breathtaking hedge against life's vagaries.


The Majestic Pink Diamond Bracelet