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Natural Fancy Color Yellow Diamonds

  • Fancy Yellow Diamonds are the most popular of all Natural Color Diamonds. In fact, it is estimated that 60 percent of all Natural Color Diamonds belong in the Fancy Yellow category.
  • Large investment-quality Fancy Vivid or Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds, often called Canary Diamonds, are very rare, commanding record prices at international auction houses and a select group of the world’s most exclusive diamond dealers.
  • One of the largest known Canary Diamonds, the 205.07-carat Red Cross, was discovered as an uncut stone by DeBeers in 1901. The company presented it in 1918 to Christie’s London to be auctioned to benefit the British Red Cross Society. Its current owner is unknown.
  • One of the most famous al all Natural Fancy Yellow Diamonds is the 24-carat Moon of Baroda, which was worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1954 to the premiere of her film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” The pear-shaped, rose-cut yellow stone sparked an infatuation with Fancy Yellow Diamonds that has grown stronger over each successive decade.
90+ Carats


The Golden Dragon. This extraordinary Fancy Vivid Yellow Rhomboid-shaped diamond is the largest ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America. The rare Rhomboid cut is said to resemble the head of a dragon...its golden-yellow color truly glows from within. Create a bespoke masterpiece around this powerful stone…or simply bask in its ever-increasing value. Accompanied by a GIA Monograph.


Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Rhomboid-shaped Diamond