Natural Fancy Color Gray Diamonds

  • Fancy Gray Diamonds are perhaps the most misunderstood members of the Fancy Color Diamond family; they are sometimes erroneously referred to as “silver diamonds,” which is more of a marketing term than an official designation.
  • A set of unique markers in a Fancy Gray Diamond’s makeup (few nitrogen impurities and scattered boron atoms in the crystal matrix) is responsible for its gray coloring. According to the GIA, most gray diamonds contain a high level of hydrogen, which affects their gray hue.
  • Natural Gray Diamonds rarely come up at auction, and when they do they command top prices. The current world-record price for a Fancy Gray Diamond is held by a rectangular-cut Fancy Gray, SI1 diamond ring of 10.67 carats, which sold for $1,192,455, or $111,757 per carat, on November 16, 2011 at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels sale.
  • According to noted gemologist and author Stephen C. Hofer, Natural Gray Diamonds have a metallic brilliance similar to the “sheen of a highly polished sword.” In his book, Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds, Hofer notes that the ancient Hindus separated gray from white diamonds and thought that wearing them brought good fortune.


8.74 Carats


The Natural Fancy Gray. In the rarefied world of Fancy Color Diamonds, this effervescent Gray is in a class by itself. Weighing 8.74 carats, with VS2 clarity, the exotic Fancy Gray Diamond is surrounded by Argyle Pinks. A unique stone for a collector with a singular sense of style. GIA Certified.

Rare Natural Fancy Gray Diamond